Frequently Asked Questions

For skillz issues such as game crashes, please contact Skillz directly at

1. Can I really play chess puzzles for cash?

Believe it or not, you totally can. We work with Skillz to ensure that all cash games are protected and fair. Within the app, you can deposit and withdraw cash or just play for fun.

2. Can I play games for free?

Absolutely. We actually recommend chess learners to start warming up on the Z (free) games, but if you like our game and want to support our continued development, we always appreciate you playing a cash game now and then. It helps us keep the lights on and fund league prizes.

3. How do I deposit cash to play for money?

Download and sign into the app, and from there you can click on the “Shop” icon and deposit. Also if you want a bonus on your first deposit, keep an eye out for promo codes on our youtube channel or on streamers playing our game.

4. How do I get more Z coins if I run out?
  • Click on the store icon, and below the cash deposit, there are a buttons that give you a free Z gift and let you watch an AD for more Z.

  • Also if you go to your achievements in the side menu, you can get Z rewards for accomplishing goals!

5. Can I challenge a friend to a game?

To keep league play fair, we don’t currently have friends tournaments, but if you match with your friend, you can rematch them from the home menu to play each other a few more times.

6. What is Skillz and why are you powered by it?

Skillz is the system that helps us manage fair matchmaking, cash games, and tournament structure, so we can focus on cool stuff like new game modes and more puzzles to help you improve!

7. I’m having trouble installing on Android, help!

This is a tricky process. If you have an old version of Chess Puzzle Blitz ensure that’s uninstalled completely, then use this youtube video to help! If you still need help, reach out to us on twitter @Blitzpuzzle.

8. I'd like to feature your app, interview your team, stream your game on my twitch, write about you in my blog etc.
  • We’re flattered. For interviews and so forth, reach out to us on twitter @Blitzpuzzle.

  • For Streaming we have a “how to stream” video here, and don’t forget to get your unique promo code to share with your audience by clicking on the side menu and the “Free Bonus Cash” button. You’ll earn every time someone uses your code on their first deposit!