Play Chess Puzzles to Win Prizes

Earn rewards on your journey to grandmaster. Chess Puzzle Blitz lets you race to solve chess problems for fun or cash prizes.

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Limitless Puzzles. Unlimited Competition. Real prizes.

  • Play head to head with other chess players.

  • Enjoy millions of chess puzzles selected to fit your skill level.

  • Climb the leaderboards to win real world prizes.

Compete for money in the PRO league.

  • The first cash-enabled Chess Puzzle game.

  • Compete with people at your ability level

  • Rise in the weekly leagues together.


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Have fun and compete to win prizes while improving your chess game! Download Chess Puzzle Blitz from the Apple AppStore or the Skillz Store for Android.

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A fun and competitive chess app to help you improve your chess game, regardless of your chess level.

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